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Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief: Update 9


The most recent American Idol, Kris Allen, recently visited Haiti and toured The Salvation Army camp in Port-au-Prince. With the intent of bringing awareness to relief efforts in Haiti, Kris visited with staff, played with children and, through an interpreter, spoke with camp residents.

During his visit, Kris helped with the Army’s registration process issuing new ration cards as part of a new UPS Trackpad program. The Salvation Army is replacing handwritten paper index cards with high-tech barcode technology to […]

Salvation Army Raises Money for Haiti


The Salvation Army continues to find new ways to raise money for the relief effort in Haiti. On Saturday kettles will be set up in seven liquor board stores around Regina to collect donations.

Captain Steven Cameron with The Salvation Army says this time they are focusing on providing a specific type of aid. “We’re really focusing on housing, so tents for the short term and then working on long-term sustainable housing after that.” Cameron adds that housing will become a […]

Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief: Update 8


The Salvation Army continues to work closely with multiple corporate partners and non-governmental organizations to provide food, water, medicine, shelter and other immediate aid to thousands of disaster survivors in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere.

To date The Salvation Army has provided 2.8 million meals, 500,000 gallons of water, 2,900 tents and 1,500 personal hygiene kits. In addition, more than 18,000 people have received needed care from Salvation Army medical teams.

On Friday, February 26, Canada will send 500, 12 sq.m, tents […]

Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief: Update 7


The Salvation Army continues to be a beacon of hope for individuals and families whose lives were devastated by the earthquake. Eight babies have been delivered at The Salvation Army medical clinic at its compound in the Delmas 2 area of Port-au-Prince since the earthquake. The fifth baby, yet to be named, arrived at 8 a.m., before the clinic opened, and so was delivered outdoors, in the courtyard. The baby girl and her mother Louester, a resident of the […]