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Salvation Army Qinghai Earthquake Relief


A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of
Yushu in Qinghai Province on Wednesday, April 14. More than 400 lives were claimed and 10,000 people were injured.

The local Salvation Army responded with the provision of basic relief supplies that included two tonnes of barley flour and 200 sets of warm clothes and medicines. to Yushu on Tuesday, April 20. To show respect to Tibetan customs, The Salvation Army particularly purchased barley flour for the survivors. […]

Salvation Army Response to Chile Earthquake: Update 6


The Salvation Army in Chile is providing vital assistance to coastal communities damaged by a tsunami. Waves up to five meters high destroyed everything in their path after being set off by an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale.

The response is focused mainly on the communities of Dichato and Caleta Tumbes, where many local people fled to high ground and watched as the tsunami destroyed their homes, possessions and livelihoods, and in some instances took the lives of their […]

Seven-year-old Donates Birthday Money to Haiti


Instead of birthday gifts, 7-year-old Claire-Marie Harrower asked her nine friends to bring money to her birthday party so she could give it to The Salvation Army’s ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.

A total of $214.21 was gathered. Claire-Marie and her mom, Lisa, made a special trip to The Salvation Army’s head office in Toronto to hand in the donation.

“We gave to The Salvation Army because we know that most of it goes directly to The Salvation Army’s extensive immediate and […]

Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief: Update 10


The Salvation Army has distributed more then 4 million meals to those in need following an earthquake that devastated the nation of Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Most displaced people are receiving food distribution in Port-au-Prince twice a week at the Army’s largest location, which serves 20,000 individuals. Also, throughout the country food items continue to be distributed to small towns, churches, schools and much more.

In addition The Salvation Army has provided 3,650 8 x 8 tents and two MASH […]

The Salvation Army’s Strategy for Long-Term Relief in Haiti


The Salvation Army will be heavily and closely involved in rebuilding Haiti well past the conclusion of the current emergency situation caused by Haiti’s massive earthquake on January 12.

A Salvation Army international strategy conference was recently held in London, England, to determine Haiti’s long-term needs. It was attended by a delegation from The Salvation Army’s Caribbean Territory, representatives from 10 Salvation Army territories involved in the relief and rebuilding process, personnel from The Salvation Army USA National Headquarters, Salvation […]

Salvation Army Schools Resume in Port-au-Prince


College Verena is one of two Salvation Army schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is, however, the only one still standing after the January earthquake. Prior to the quake the campus had three buildings with 1,200 students enrolled. The quake destroyed two of the three buildings, the administrative office and the storage area.

Within weeks of the disaster, Salvation Army staff and teachers found safe places in the courtyard so the children could continue their education. While the Haitian government prepares […]

Salvation Army Response to Chile Earthquake: Update 5


Following Chile’s deadly earthquake and tsunami, and as strong aftershocks provoke panic in the country, The Salvation Army continues to provide help in the following ways:

  • More than 15,000 persons have received rations of food.
  • The Salvation Army is helping with the clearing of debris.
  • The Salvation Army is distributing baskets that include food, water, hygiene products and clothes to families sleeping outside because they no longer have homes.
  • A well was dug by The Salvation Army in Hualpen. Fresh water is being […]

Haiti – Baby Girl Born in Salvation Army School Parking Lot


On March 8, outside The Salvation Army’s classroom doors, a miracle occurred in the midst of chaos.

A young pregnant woman in labour walked into The Salvation Army facility that houses the Army’s current school and clinic in Port-au-Prince. She had no time to make it to the nearest working hospital, 40 minutes away.

Staff member Dee Smith, a licensed emergency medical technician, quickly cleaned and cared for both mother and child. Within the hour a doctor was on the scene […]

Salvation Army Response to Chile Earthquake: Update 4


The Salvation Army in southern Chile has been officially recognized by the government and will continue to provide immediate and long-term assistance in assigned zones.

A Salvation Army church in Hualpencillo, near Concepcion (which suffered great devastation), is serving meals, and tents have been set up on the property to house those whose homes were washed away by the tsunami caused by the earthquake. A well dug more than five years ago on the property, to water the lawns and […]

Is Donor Fatigue Hurting the Chile Relief?


The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Chile comes on the heels of Haiti’s massive earthquake. Many Salvation Army centres report fewer phone calls are being received to support Chile’s tragedy, versus Haiti’s.

Chile isn’t getting the same attention as Haiti. In the first 48 hours after both earthquakes 2,596 news articles were written about Haiti, while 400 news articles were written about Chile.

The two countries are united in having deadly disasters. Will monetary donations increase as people begin to see more […]