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Staff counsel residents at Moncton Greenfield House

Released and Restored


When the prison doors open and the offender is conditionally released, what happens next? There are several challenges faced by offenders at the time of their release and The Salvation Army in Moncton, N.B., is helping them successfully transition back into the community.

“The Salvation Army’s Greenfield House is a residential facility that offers a reintegration program for conditionally released male and female offenders,” says Alex Greening, Executive Director. “Then, when they are released back into the community, we provide after-care […]

Election issue No. 1 – Law and Order


It’s official. Canadians will head to the polls May 2 for the fourth federal election in seven years.

Several issues are expected to dominate the campaign. One being Law and Order. Topics for debate include added new criminal offences, expanded prisons, and changed sentencing laws.

As it relates to justice, The Salvation Army takes an alternative approach to crime. They focus on rehabilitation and restoration rather than retribution. The Salvation Army practices Restorative Justice formally in some of its […]

The Salvation Army and Restorative Justice


“I will never forget my first brush with injustice” says Matt Delaney. “I was so hurt. I wanted pay back. I wanted to retaliate, to return the favour that I didn’t ask for. I did fight back. Strange though, after I unleashed my vengeance, all I felt was empty and alone.