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Travis - Travis enjoys a meal provided by the Salvation Army

Supper for Seventy


Monday night meals at The Salvation Army in Swift Current, Sask., create an unlikely community.

“We’ve got all kinds of people from the community, across age ranges, ethnicity, income brackets,” says Captain Michael Ramsay, who helped develop the program when he served as the church pastor in Swift Current. “Sometimes you have people sitting across the table, who have been living in the same community for 50 years, and that’s the first time they’ve actually carried on a conversation.”

Swift Current’s Monday […]

Seniors’ Wellness Program Enhances Quality of Life at Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre Winnipeg

Seniors’ Wellness Program Enhances Quality of Life


St. Vital in Winnipeg is a community for all nations and is home to many seniors.  

Every week, seniors from the community gather at The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre for games and activities that keep their minds alert and workshops that address health and safety issues such as managing arthritis, how to eat healthy on a tight budget and ways to prevent a fall. 

“Our program is instrumental in bringing people into […]

Low -literacity individual in Winnipeg excited about learning new words

Low-Literacy Individuals Learn Skills for a Better Life


Being able to read and write is a fundamental building block for learning and personal empowerment. Although many believe that Canada is doing well on the literacy front, the fact is that nearly half of Canadian adults have low literacy levels.

Research states that poverty has a direct link to illiteracy. And the lack of basic literacy skills can result in social isolation, the inability to find employment or use technology, and more.

In Weetamah, one of Winnipeg’s poorest neighbourhoods, The Salvation […]

Salvation Army helps Bryon get through one more day

When Life Hit Hard


Byron was 18 years sober, managing mental illness and PTSD, was gainfully employed as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and in a long-term relationship. But just when he thought things were going well, a few curveballs sent him on a downward spiral and he couldn’t see a way out.  

“It was Christmastime 2013,” says Byron. “My girlfriend and I split up. Then my mom, who suffered with dementia, had two strokes and was put in a nursing home. For the […]

Vulnerable youth find safety and hope at The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Winnipeg

Improving Lives of Vulnerable Youth


Winnipeg consistently has the highest rate of robbery, sexual assault, and violent crime of any large Canadian city.

The Salvation Army’s Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre’s youth drop-in program not only provides a safe alternative to the streets, but its staff and volunteers are mentors who support youth, ages 13-17, when they need it most. 

“The youth drop-in program is open during critical hours when kids aren’t in school,” says Hurmat Habib, mentor. “It isn’t just about playing basketball in the gym […]

New bikes improves lives of vulnerable in Barrie

Innovative Programs Improve Lives of Vulnerable


The Salvation Army is committed to improving the lives of people who are struggling. This means constantly evolving to meet changing needs.

In Barrie, Ont., The Salvation Army’s Bayside Mission, a men’s shelter and social service centre, has developed three new initiatives that are making life easier and improving health.

Old Bikes Find New Homes

This past summer, a small group of teens collected old and unused bikes, tuned them up, and handed them over to The Salvation Army to distribute to […]

Salvation Army supports change a life

My Journey from Sadness to Success


In every way that counted, The Salvation Army was there for me when I needed them most.

Six years ago, the company that I had been with for 18 years sold the facility. My co-workers and I were downsized in the subsequent restructuring, and 130 of us were left looking for employment. I had never been financially secure, so when I lost my job, I soon lost my house, too.

At the age of 54, with no job, no destination and no […]

Salvation Army CRU Helps Vulnerable stay cool during hot weather

Salvation Army Helps Vulnerable Stay Cool During Hot Weather


Getting out of the heat for 30 minutes and staying hydrated can prevent leg cramps, heat exhaustion and even stroke. For many, avoiding the heat is as simple as staying inside with air conditioning. For those experiencing homelessness or low-income individuals who are elderly or unwell, that option may only be a dream.

 During extreme weather conditions many Salvation Army locations help vulnerable people stay cool. For example, in Langley, B.C., The Salvation Army’s Gateway of Hope provides water bottles, fans, […]

A father overcomes challenges and celebrates success

A Father Overcomes Challenges and Celebrates Success


There's no better time than Father's Day to honour dads who always look out for their children.

Noe’s warehouse job had been reduced to a part-time, on-call position, when his wife, ZoZo, prematurely gave birth to triplets. The babies had complications, and it was uncertain whether one would survive.   

Overwhelmed by fear and anxious about meeting the families’ needs, Noe was under a lot of stress.  Then he met The Salvation Army.

No money—no diapers

“It was a very difficult time with the […]

Salvation Army mobile feeding unit at B.C.s Cache Creek flooding

News Briefs


The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people in 400 communities across Canada. The following are recent snapshots of The Salvation Army at work.

Salvation Army Assists after Cache Creek Flooding

Cache Creek, B.C., was hit by flash floods on May 23, resulting in unbelievable devastation. The violent storm dumped 30 to 40 millimetres of rain on the village in less than an hour.

The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster services quickly sprang into action, sending a community response unit from […]