Free Tax Clinic Helps Low-Income Families

Posted on 11th March 2013, by
“Income-tax time creates incredible stress for me,” says Rosemary. The cost of having income taxes prepared by tax firms starts at $60. For Rosemary, whose been laid off from her factory job, that’s a big deal. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Rosemary asked The Salvation Army for assistance to complete her tax forms through  […]

Improving Quality of Life for Single Dad

Posted on 4th March 2013, by
Paul never thought he’d be a single parent, but five years ago he was thrust into his new role. “It’s still tough,” he says. “I take one day at a time. What matters most is that I’m a capable dad who loves his children.” In 2008, Paul’s children, ages 7 and 10 at the time,  […]

Salvation Army Offers Tax Help

Posted on 21st February 2013, by
Stratford – The Salvation Army and the city’s social services department have teamed up to make this time of year a little less taxing. The social services subcommittee has accepted a proposal for a pilot project that would provide free tax services for Salvation Army family services clients and social services clients. The proposal will  […]
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No One Chooses to Eat Garbage

Posted on 28th January 2013, by
Imagine being so hungry that you are willing to eat someone else’s garbage? Yes, it’s dangerous, and most of us would cringe at the thought, but there are people in cities everywhere who are forced to eat food from trashcans because they are starving and desperate. In December 2012 The Salvation Army and Grey Canada,  […]

Salvation Army Provides Heat

Posted on 21st January 2013, by
Coping with cold weather is extremely hard if you are homeless. It’s equally as difficult if you are a low-income family. When Shelly contacted The Salvation Army she had no heat in her home. As temperatures dropped Shelly and her diabetic husband, who lived from paycheque to paycheque on a fixed income, were forced to  […]

Grand Prairie Salvation Army Christmas Appeal Under Way

Posted on 16th November 2012, by
Major Daniel Roode says the money raised over the next five-and-a-half weeks is vital towards the work done by the Salvation Army in our city. The Salvation Army has launched it’s 2012 Christmas Appeal in Grande Prairie. $350,000 is the goal once again this year. “Not only are we raising money for helping people who  […]
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Salvation Army Says More Cape Bretoners in Need

Posted on 16th November 2012, by
The Salvation Army in Cape Breton says tough economic times are forcing more people to come to them for help. “We’re seeing people calling who have never called before, we’re seeing people walk in here saying, ‘I don’t know what to do,'” said Lt. Joshua Downer, the Salvation Army officer in charge of Glace Bay  […]
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Shocking Price Tags Prompt Cry for Help

Posted on 13th November 2012, by
It was a cry for help—a cry that The Salvation Army paid close attention to. God’s Lake Narrows, a First Nation community located 550 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, doesn’t get a lot of visitors. The remote, untouched wonderland made up of forests, amazing lakes and a community rich in culture and history, is only accessible  […]
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Kettles Need More Cash to Keep Families Fed

Posted on 13th November 2012, by
BARRIE – As parents struggle to feed their families on minimum wage, part-time work, the Salvation Army needs to raise even more with its Christmas kettles, says Major Byron Kean. “In 2011, we provided 78,300 meals. At the end of October this year, we provided 78,600 meals, and we’re on pace to provide over 92,000  […]
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Plenty to Give During the Holidays

Posted on 7th November 2012, by
The Christmas season is around the corner and the Salvation Army has many ways for everyone to give something back to the community again this year. Lieutenant Brian Bobolo of the Estevan Salvation Army noted the local food bank is well stocked at the moment thanks to recent food drives in the city. Bobolo noted  […]
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