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2 gentleman wait outside SA EDS vehicle for warm drink in cold weather

Salvation Army Addresses Cold Weather Needs


Imagine that in sub-zero temperatures, you have to send your children to school in hoodies and runners because you can’t afford winter clothing. Or your hands are red, swollen and numb because you live on the streets and don’t own a pair of gloves. Sadly, even in a country as wealthy as Canada, this is an unwelcome reality for many people.   

As temperatures plummet, The Salvation Army is doing its best to keep people warm by providing emergency shelter beds […]

Salvation Army pastor Lt. Violet Hopkins stands with coat recipient

Salvation Army Distributes Winter Coats to People in Need


Canada has one of the most severe winter climates of any country in the world. As temperatures start to drop, many Salvation Army centres across the country are collecting new and gently used coats for those in need.

“Winter wear can be expensive,” says Lieut. Violet Hopkins of The Salvation Army in Campbell River, B.C. “Buying a coat might mean there isn’t enough money for food or rent. We don’t want people to have to make that choice.” 

Last year, during the […]

Salvation Army mobile outreach van serves hot drinks to vulnerable during cold weather

Salvation Army Provides Additional Services during Cold Weather Alerts


Across Canada, extreme cold weather alerts are bringing about increased services for The Salvation Army.

“It was like she was waiting for us to come,” says one Salvation Army street outreach worker, who discovered a young, pregnant lady, in sub-zero temperatures, resting her head on a garbage bag containing all her belongings.”

During extreme cold weather alerts, the primary focus of Salvation Army mobile outreach services is to provide transportation to appropriate shelter.

“The harsh winter weather causes many staying outside to want […]

Male recipient chooses a warm coat in Belleville, Ont.

Salvation Army Gives Coats to People in Need


In Canada, one in 10 Canadians lives in poverty. Having a warm coat or providing one for their child is a luxury they simply can’t afford.

In Kitchener, Ont., The Salvation Army holds a coat drive to ensure that vulnerable people are warm, feel healthy and valued. Last year, 8,000 coats were given out.

“After donations of new and gently used coats are collected, people come to our centre and select items,” says Bob Dockeray, case worker at The Salvation Army’s Community […]

When temperatures plummet, Salvation Army services ensure vulnerable people are safe and protected.

Cold Snap Increases Need for Salvation Army Services


From coast to coast, blasts of extreme cold weather are causing vulnerable people, such as seniors with limited heating or people experiencing homelessness, to turn to The Salvation Army for help.

“We don’t turn anyone away when it’s this cold,” says Mark Stewart, shelter services coordinator at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Winnipeg. “We open up our cafeteria, where we make a cold-room shelter, and lay mats down on the floor to ensure everyone has a place to sleep.”

In Regina, […]

Salvation Army Soup Truck a Beacon in the Frigid Night


Hamilton – After handing out a few cups of hot soup at the Salvation Army’s outreach truck, Murray Slaney slips a couple of questions into the chit-chat — “Do you guys have a place to stay tonight? … Do you need anything else? Socks? Mitts?”

Ryan Grandits, wearing only canvas sneakers on his feet, plus a hoodie and windbreaker, pipes up. “I’ll take a jacket if you have one.”

The outreach truck’s quest to provide assistance to Hamilton’s homeless and vulnerable has […]

Warm Welcome Shelter Numbers are Growing


Estevan Salvation Army Lieutenant Brian Bobolo says numbers have been increasing for the Warm Welcome shelter in the last couple of weeks.

“We are really concerned with people out there who are living in subpar conditions, and we want to make sure they’re warm, well-fed and part of the Warm Welcome community,” says Bobolo.

Men have been the predominant users of the shelter in 2013-14, Bobolo said, and that is a pretty common occurrence for shelters in Canada.

“Women tend to find places […]