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Homeless Women on the Rise


Single men are the largest segment of homeless people in most Canadian cities, but homelessness is rising among both single women and lone-parent families headed by women.

Women on the streets are a vulnerable population. They face many dangers, from mental illness and sexual assault to drug addictions and violence.

Homeless women say that government and society have to stop viewing them as afflictions. They want to be respected. They are human beings with a lot to offer and contribute.

The […]


New Salvation Army Clinic Targets Chilliwack Addicts


After more than a year of preparation, the Salvation Army has opened a new counselling clinic to assist those trying to overcome addictions.

Fireside Addiction Services will provide an intensive six-week addiction treatment program featuring both group and individual therapy. In the evenings, it will provide family support and ongoing meetings to alumni of the program.

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Former Addict Gives Back


At six months of age he was abandoned. Now 70, Murray Bevan, with the help of The Salvation Army, is finding ways to embrace and give hope to elderly members of society who, at times, also feel abandoned, overlooked and undervalued.

Rick’s Story


From an early age Rick Jackson couldn’t get a handle on his insecurities. Due to his father’s addiction to alcohol, Rick lacked support and reinforcement. He never felt good enough, and became frustrated and angry. His self-doubt and desperate need for attention lead to destructive behavior, and Rick’s problems only got worse.

Addiction’s Powerful Hold


Jay Barnard’s story of addiction goes back to age eight. Unable to cope with the effects of his parents’ separation and divorce, he turned to food for comfort. Within months he had bulged to a disturbing 200 pounds. By age 12 Jay was drinking, then drinking more. At age 14 he bought marijuana on the street. Then it wasn’t long before he was using harder drugs.

Homeless Man with Golden Voice is an Online Video Sensation


His voice will make you sit up and listen. The homeless man with the rich baritone voice, Ted Williams, is an online video sensation with more than 4 million views. And, his fame may have landed him a job.

Williams was spotted by The Columbas Dispatch, Ohio’s top news source for local news, standing at an exit ramp off Interstate 71. He was holding a cardboard sign asking motorists for help. “I’m an ex radio announcer who has fallen on hard […]