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Report Finds 66 Percent of Salvation Army Youth Programs Saw Increased Need since 2008


Toronto, ON May 21, 2013 – A new report from The Salvation Army, released as part of Dignity Month, reveals that despite a rebounding economy, many Canadian families and young people are still struggling to make ends meet. “Youth in Need: The Economic Challenges,” revealed that since the recession began in 2008, 66 percent of Salvation Army youth programs in Canada saw an increase in demand for low-fee or free extracurricular programs and meals during those difficult times. Despite an […]


Addiction’s Destructive Hold


Ron’s life was a mess. His problems were gigantic. Then one day he stumbled on The Salvation Army, and his life became a different story.

By age five Ron had faced the reality of his life. His mom was an alcoholic who was always passed out, and his father was physically abusive, constantly picking fights with him.

As he grew older Ron couldn’t cope with the pressure and bought into the dream that cocaine would take away his pain.

Before long Ron was […]


Why Should You Support The Salvation Army?


If you asked Patricia, she’d tell you that The Salvation Army helps mothers provide nutritious meals for their families. Paul would share that The Salvation Army offers people with addictions the opportunity to break their dependency on drugs and alcohol. Keith would highlight how The Salvation Army helps former offenders reintegrate into society and gain new life skills. And the 1.8 million people helped last year by The Salvation Army have their own stories […]


Loved Back to Life


For as far back as he can remember, Keith was told he was worthless and stupid. The emotional and verbal punches of his father cut deep, but the physical abuse that followed pierced even deeper.

“The only thing I was terrified of as a kid was my dad,” says Keith. While Keith’s father was well-respected in the church, his ‘unfinished business’ from an abusive childhood left him angry, and unpredictable outbursts at home had horrible effects on Keith.

“I was thrown down […]