Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre Officially Opens

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Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre Officially Opens
TORONTO, Sept. 25, 2017 /CNW/ – The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre celebrates its official opening and rededication on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. after three years of infrastructure renewal. The 60-year-old facility, which is located at 650 Church Street, underwent a multi-million dollar retrofit and renovation over the past three years.  […]
The Salvation Army Responds to Mexico City Earthquake as Relief Continues around Oaxaca and Veracruz
A 7.1-MAGNITUDE earthquake has caused the collapse of buildings and other infrastructure in and around Mexico City. The epicentre was on the border between the states of Puebla and Morelos, around 120 kilometres from the Mexican capital. The Salvation Army’s Territorial Commander Colonel Ricardo Bouzigues reports that there has been ‘tremendous damage’. More than 200  […]
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Personnel from Canada Deployed to Florida Following Hurricane Irma Destruction
More than half a million meals have been served by The Salvation Army to people who have been displaced or have had their homes damaged by Hurricane Irma in south-eastern states of the USA. This is in addition to The Salvation Army’s ongoing emergency response in many of the Caribbean islands and in reaction to  […]

Adult Literacy Course Boosts Self-Esteem and Social Equality

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Adult Literacy Course Boosts Self-Esteem and Social Equality
Imagine, at age 59, being unable to spell boat, step or help. “It feels disgusting when you can’t read or write,” says Bob. “But now I’m doing something about it.” Bob is a participant in The Salvation Army’s STages Education Program (STEP) in Winnipeg. The community-based adult literacy program is open to anyone with a  […]
Salvation Army Responds as Worst Flooding in South Asia for 30 Years Leaves Millions Homeless
After weeks of relentless monsoon downpours, vast parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal are under water and more than 40 million people have been affected by the floods. Many of them have lost their homes and livelihoods and, with essential service facilities being overwhelmed, people’s lives are in immediate danger. Salvation Army emergency relief teams  […]

More than 200,000 Meals Served as Salvation Army Responds to Storm Harvey

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More than 200,000 Meals Served as Salvation Army Responds to Storm Harvey
NINETY-TWO mobile canteens and an emergency field kitchen are currently meeting human needs in southeast Texas. Flooding caused by Storm Harvey is still affecting many neighbourhoods and has displaced an estimated 43,000 people from their homes. The Salvation Army’s relief efforts continue. “The Salvation Army is not just there for the immediate crisis. We are  […]

Hurricane Harvey: The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Update

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Hurricane Harvey: The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Update
In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, The Salvation Army is supporting one of the largest disaster relief operations in its history. To date, The Salvation Army has deployed 71 mobile feeding units to Texas.  Salvation Army trained disaster workers are being deployed to the stricken area from across the United States and  […]

Salvation Army Launches 126th Annual Christmas Kettle Campaign

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Toronto, ON November 23, 2016 – The Salvation Army has launched its 2016 Christmas Kettle Campaign. Now in its 126th year, the annual holiday campaign seeks donations from the public to help The Salvation Army assist millions of Canadians living in poverty. With one in 10 Canadians struggling to make ends meet, The Salvation Army’s advertising campaign  […]

The Salvation Army Gave Him Hope

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Take (left) and Jason, support staff (right) at The Salvation Army's Harbour Light
How would you feel if suddenly you had no income? This was the devastating consequence for Take (pronounced Tochy) after a ski accident prevented him from working. “I never thought that something so unexpected would happen to me,” says Take. “Or that my life would change so drastically.” For years, Take lived his Canadian dream.  […]

Canada Post Strike

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Due to a possible Canada Post work disruption,  we anticipate delays in receiving and processing any donations sent by mail. If you have already sent a donation to The Salvation Army by mail, please be assured that we will process it as soon as we are in receipt of your mailing. If you wish to  […]