Christmas Greetings in the Air

Posted on 15th December 2010, by Salvation Army
One of our most popular blog posts was “Which Seasonal Greeting Do You Prefer? Bonnie comments: “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays are both greetings that are cool with me. For people to act so upset and offended when they see or hear Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays is ridiculous. Also I think it’s the out  […]
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Posted on 7th December 2010, by Salvation Army
On November 15 The Salvation Army launched a new website for our Christmas Kettle campaign, The site encourages Canadians to virtually monitor their neighbourhood kettle. Visitors to the site are able to track how much has been raised in Kettles across Canada and they can make donations online or invite others to donate to  […]
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World Aids Day

Posted on 1st December 2010, by Salvation Army
Today, December 1, as we observe World AIDS Day, the Toronto Star released the following: “We must reject complacency and disregard against HIV and AIDS. Data released by the Public Health Agency of Canada this week clearly demonstrates there is a wide-ranging domestic HIV epidemic. In fact, new HIV infections in Canada in 2007, 2008  […]
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Christmas, Commercialism and Black Friday

Posted on 24th November 2010, by Salvation Army
The U.S. Black Friday shopping frenzy on November 26 marks the beginning of Christmas sales and will see more than 60 million people swarming stores for Christmas bargains. In 2009 the overall Black Friday revenue was $2.7 billion. While shoving, pushing and yelling are not uncommon as shoppers seek out the best deals going, there  […]
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5 Ways to Support The Salvation Army Online this Christmas

Posted on 19th November 2010, by Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has a lot of online initiatives that we’re excited about this Christmas season! Every year we do are best to develop new and innovative ways to create two-way engagment with our online friends and donors. So without further delay, here are 5 Ways to Support The Salvation Army Online this Christmas: 1.  […]
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10 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness

Posted on 12th November 2010, by Salvation Army
World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13, 2010, reminds us to look beyond ourselves and do something to make someone’s day easier. Every day is a good day to promote kindnesses. Here are 10 suggestions: 1. pay for a coffee of the person behind you 2. buy food for a local food bank 3.  […]
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Red or White Poppies?

Posted on 5th November 2010, by Salvation Army
A peace organization in Prince Edward Island is selling white poppies for Remembrance Day and the Royal Canadian Legion is upset. Peace activists claim the Remembrance Day poppies sold by veterans represents the nostalgia and romanticizing of war while veterans argue the white poppies tarnish the symbolic value of the red poppy. The red poppy  […]
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What Makes a Charity Worth Your Support?

Posted on 22nd October 2010, by Salvation Army
According to Statistics Canada, 84% of the population aged 15 and over make financial donations to charitable or other non-profit organizations. So, what makes a charity worth your support? The Canada Revenue Agency maintains a searchable list of Canadian charities ( You can use the charities listings to: confirm whether a charity is registered under  […]
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Have you been cyber bullied?

Posted on 15th October 2010, by Salvation Army
Millions of people will wake up today knowing they will be bullied before the day is over. And, the number of bullies is growing because of technology. Recently, cyber bullying has resulted in several suicides. The Salvation Army strives to be effective in its communities and, in Windsor, Ontario, a free seminar was offered on  […]
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What are you thankful for?

Posted on 6th October 2010, by Salvation Army
Over the next week complete strangers will gather together at Salvation Army centres across the country for thanksgiving dinner. Some will have no jobs and no prospects. Others will have no homes. Some will have families, but have no way to celebrate the holiday with them. Many will be lonely. Although they will come from  […]
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