Salvation Army Food Bank Raises Hunger Awareness

Posted on 7th June 2011, by Salvation Army
During the month of May, The Salvation Army Food Bank in Tisdale, Sask, used the Army’s Dignity Project as a basis to fundraise as well as educate the general public about issues surrounding poverty. • The local newspaper wrote weekly columns on issues surrounding those who live in poverty using points from the Dignity Project  […]
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Bid on Autographed Football and Raise Funds for The Salvation Army

Posted on 2nd June 2011, by Salvation Army
Click here to bid on an autographed football from The Salvation Army’s May 15th Dignity Speaks event. The football is signed by former Canadian Football player and all-time leading passer Damon Allen. All proceeds from the sale of the football will go directly to The Salvation Army in Canada.
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Donut Day Honours Salvation Army Volunteers

Posted on 31st May 2011, by Salvation Army
June 3 is National Donut Day in the U.S. The day is set aside to honour Salvation Army volunteers who served donuts to troops in the First World War. Rations were poor, so the donut idea was conceived as a means of bringing the soldiers cheer. By continuing to celebrate National Donut Day, those who  […]
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Composition of Canada’s Homeless Population

Posted on 25th May 2011, by Salvation Army
Aboriginal Awareness Week, first introduced in 1992, is held on the four days that follow the Victoria Day long weekend and is a week to honour the many Aboriginal cultures in Canada. Yet, while Canada celebrates the Aboriginal community and continues to learn about and understand its culture and history, reports continue to surface revealing  […]
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Face of homelessness getting wrinkles

Posted on 16th May 2011, by Salvation Army
Poverty and homelessness are the two fastest growing epidemics in Canada. As the number of homeless older adults is expected to increase with the aging of the baby boomers, improving service delivery to reach this population is important. Officials at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Calgary say baby boomers are losing their jobs and  […]
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Salvation Army restores a sense of dignity to sex-trade workers

Posted on 11th May 2011, by Salvation Army
The Salvation Army and other community groups in Winnipeg organized a night of pampering for sex-trade workers that included a yoga session, karaoke and a portrait studio. Freshly baked cookies and cheese-laden pizza was served. Make-up and facials gave participants some sense of pride. One sex worker commented they were still people even though they  […]
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Posted on 4th May 2011, by Salvation Army
Thanks to Xenophon Strategies for donating FREE tickets to the Dignity Speaks event! A limited number are available on a first come, first serve basis. Email now to secure your tickets.
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Are you prepared?

Posted on 2nd May 2011, by Salvation Army
Emergency Preparedness Week, May 1 to 7, is an annual event whereby activities are organized across Canada to raise awareness of the importance of having an emergency kit; making an emergency plan; and identifying risks in the region. These three simple steps can help Canadians prepare for all types of emergencies. The Salvation Army Toronto  […]
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Give it up for Earth Day

Posted on 21st April 2011, by Salvation Army
Earth Day, April 22, is the perfect opportunity to renew your commitment to living in harmony with the environment. Are you ready to green your cleaning routine? Will you get away from bottled water or coffee in paper cups? There are a million possible green alternatives to what we do on a daily basis. Did  […]
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Election Issue No. 3 – The Environment

Posted on 18th April 2011, by Salvation Army
With Canada plunged into its fourth election campaign in seven years, the environment is one issue Canadians want to hear about. As it relates to the environment, The Salvation Army believes that humans are called to careful stewardship of the earth and its resources. Among other environmental initiatives, the Army makes environmental concerns an integral  […]
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