Winterised Tents See People Through the Cold in Pakistan

Posted on 9th February 2011, by Salvation Army
In northern Pakistan people are facing the cold of winter in very trying circumstances. In 2010 floods destroyed villages across the country and families lost their homes and all their belongings. Despite aid provided by the Government and non-government organisations (NGOs) many people still lack the basic necessities. The scale of the disaster is huge  […]
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Salvation Army Participates in Province-wide Earthquake Drill

Posted on 26th January 2011, by Salvation Army
On January 26, more than 460,000 people, which included personnel from five Salvation Army Ministry Units, participated in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut. The earthquake drill causes people to think about emergency preparedness and what they would do if an emergency, such as an earthquake, were to occur in the area. The drill itself takes  […]
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Salvation Army Convenes to Elect New General

Posted on 21st January 2011, by Salvation Army
The Salvation Army’s 17th High Council convened on Friday, January 21, at Sunbury Court, United Kingdom, to elect the 19th General of The Salvation Army. The current General, Shaw Clifton, will retire at midnight on April 1, 2011. Commissioner William W. Francis, territorial commander of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, was elected president of this,  […]

The Salvation Army Responds to Extreme Cold Alert in Toronto

Posted on 21st January 2011, by Salvation Army
January 21, 2010 – Toronto – In response to the Extreme Cold Weather Alert issued by the City of Toronto, The Salvation Army has opened an additional 47 emergency shelter beds in the downtown core. The following facilities have opened extra beds: The Gateway – 10 extra beds, Evangeline Residence – 9 extra beds, Florence  […]
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For Better or For Worse

Posted on 20th January 2011, by Salvation Army
When Agata Wroblewski married more than 20 years ago she expected to stay with her husband for life. But things turned out differently. In early 2008 he dropped a bombshell that left her homeless, penniless and fighting for her life.
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Salvation Army Steps Up Response to Brazil Mudslides

Posted on 19th January 2011, by Salvation Army
The Salvation Army’s response to flooding and landslides in Brazil – now known to have killed more than 650 people – is growing by the day. Donated goods, including much-needed mattresses, were taken by truck from São Paulo and São Miguel Paulista to The Salvation Army’s Lar do Méier Community Centre in Rio de Janeiro  […]
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