Salvation Army Honours its Volunteers

Posted on 7th April 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
National Volunteer Week, April 6-12, gives The Salvation Army the opportunity to honour its 165,000 volunteers who serve passionately, willingly and selflessly on the front lines. Robert and Jackie are the perfect people for the positions they hold. As volunteers at The Salvation Army’s thrift store in Oshawa, their dedication and compassion helps people at  […]

Finding Strength in a Salvation Army Support Network

Posted on 25th March 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
At age 12, Nick was devastated by the death of his father. Then, five years later, his mother died of pneumonia.  As Nick’s grieving transitioned into full-fledged depression, he thought about taking his own life every day. After his mom died, he lived with family. They were heavy drinkers whose name calling and belittling crushed  […]
TORONTO, March 19, 2014 /CNW/ – Today, The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre makes a major step in the “Grace in Motion” Infrastructure Renewal Project as it commences the temporary move of all patients and staff to the University Health Network’s Hillcrest site.  The Infrastructure Renewal Project is the extensive renovation of its facility  […]

Broken — But Not Beyond Repair

Posted on 17th March 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
Nikki’s grandfather was supposed to protect her from harm. Instead, he drugged and sexually assaulted her. At age 24 this was a trauma hard to overcome and lingering consequences left Nikki broken and almost beyond repair. “Facing the reality that my grandfather did this to me was devastating,” says 31-year-old Nikki. “In the heat of  […]

How a Salvation Army Hockey League Helps Kids and Families

Posted on 10th March 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
The Salvation Army’s youth sports programs involve more than getting a ball through a hoop or getting a puck in the net. They offer a safe haven, family and support. In Richmond Hill, Ont., sports are an important part of The Salvation Army’s mission to serve others, build up youth and meet community needs. Every  […]

Hungry Children Need You

Posted on 24th February 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
No child should go to school hungry, but in Canada one in seven do. Why? They are helpless victims of poverty. The Salvation Army recognizes that poverty is a critical issue and that all people at all times should have enough food for an active, healthy life. In 2013, from coast to coast, The Salvation  […]

How a New Immigrant Found Acceptance and Belonging

Posted on 17th February 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
The journey from Sudan to Winnipeg was long for Binyam and his family. In 2010 the family of seven came to Canada for better access to education and economic opportunities. But in their new country they faced fears, challenges and anxiety. Had they made a bad decision? “Starting over was hard,” says Binyam, 16. “Sometimes  […]

At the End of My Rope

Posted on 10th February 2014, by SalvationArmy.ca
The September morning I pulled into The Salvation Army’s Parent-Child Resource Centre (PCRC) parking lot in Kitchener, Ont., was one of the worst in my life. I had put my two young sons in the van beside their newborn sister and driven around. Their dad was at home coming off of his 12th gruelling round  […]
Six months ago Angela and her family lived under hazardous clouds of smog in Shanghai, China’s biggest city.  Bouts of dangerous pollution had become more frequent and, due to serious health risks, the trio left a comfortable life and everything they knew. Challenges of Immigration “We came to Vancouver for many reasons,” says Angela, “including  […]