Program participant, Samantha (left) meets in classroom with instructor William Smith (left)

Astounding Numbers Prompt New Salvation Army Addictions Recovery Program


The numbers are in and are staggering. In Williams Lake, B.C., in December 2016, 142 people died as a result of illicit drug use, an average of nine people every two days.

“Ninety percent of the clients we serve deal with drug addiction issues,” says Tamara Robinson, the Salvation Army’s family services coordinator. “Due to low income and lack of support, many of them don’t go to treatment or have a chance to turn their lives around. This is why we started the program.”

The program, which began March 6, is already seeing positive results. Samantha, a drug and alcohol user, has been sober for two weeks and has got her son back as a result of the program and her success. “I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says Samantha. “I am functioning again.”

“I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says Samantha. “I am functioning again.”

About the Program

The eight-week, intensive program is the only non-residential treatment program of its kind serving the Cariboo Region. The non-residential approach provides individuals with an opportunity to incorporate new skills immediately and in their current environment. The program covers a variety of topics that include anger management strategy, relapse prevention, managing negative feelings, goal setting and handling and overcoming change. Once the individual has successfully completed the program, an additional three-month period of aftercare is available.

“Our hope is that clients will utilize the information given when they are faced with the opportunity or feel the need to use,” says Robinson. “With the right assistance, anyone can get their life back on track.”

Photo: Samantha (left) meets with Program Instructor, William Smith



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