Staff from Remedy Holdings Inc. organize food drive

Canadian Company Donates Food to Help Combat Hunger


Remedy Holdings Inc., a privately owned Canadian company with pharmacy operations throughout Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, has donated 12,480 pounds of food to The Salvation Army.

“One in eight Canadians struggle to put food on the table,” says Major Les Marshall, territorial public relations and development secretary. “With the generous donations of partners such as Remedy Holdings, Inc., who organized food drives in 13 communities, The Salvation Army is able to extend its reach in providing food assistance to those struggling to get by.”

According to food banks Canada, more than 850,000 Canadians are accessing a food bank each month. And food bank usage is 26% higher than in 2008, with 175,000 more people each month using food banks.

In many Salvation Army centres there is an overwhelming demand for food. When one in four households pay more than they can afford for housing, it’s clear that hunger is in every community.

Last year, The Salvation Army provided 3.2 million free meals at its shelters and feeding programs.


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