A Roof with Rules


A shelter resident in the U.S. recently got angry that even with below freezing temperatures he had to leave at 7 a.m. The shelter is typically closed during the day so clients learn the discipline of finding jobs or taking care of personal business.

Shelter workers said that if clients take a job that is available, it may require them to work in bad weather conditions. And they need to learn the discipline of work even in bad weather.

What do you think?




I have to go to work outside too, I don’t see a problem with shelter residents getting used to it.

dwayne shaw

i do not think that it is right to put the homeless people out on the street threw the day time they can still get sick our goverment needs to help alot more there is a lot of people that dont want the help but there is more that do want help not everyone chooses to live on the streets we all need to stand up make a change it will not get better if we sit a watch the world fall to pieces


“The shelter is typically closed during the day so clients learn the discipline of finding jobs or taking care of personal business. ”

This sentence is disgusting.


We need to give these poor people the tools so they can achieve, whether it’s rehab, or job provision. It’s one thing to say “get a job” it’s another thing to care for, love and accept these people and take up the responsibility to accept and equip them…and to willingly help them, so they can help themselves because no amount of money can purchase the precious gift of human life.

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