Go on-Donate Those Unwanted Clothes


Every time you donate your unwanted clothing to The Salvation Army, you are helping fund programs right in your community.

With more than 300 nationally and locally operated Thrift Stores from coast to coast, The Salvation Army operates one of Canada’s largest national clothing recycling operations.

Every time you choose to donate your unwanted clothing or household items instead of discarding them in the trash, there is a circle of benefits realized. Your donation positively impacts:

• Programs that serve families and individuals from all walks of life
• Customers who rely on access to quality goods at great values
• Waste reduction

Like every other store, Salvation Army Thrift Stores are cleaned out during the Christmas season. There is no spring line unless you become involved.

The more you give, the more the community gets!



Hi there: The following are our Toronto locations. Hope this helps.

Salvation Army Thrift Store 82 Mill St. Georgetown
Market Village 4394 Steeles Ave. Markham
Markham Fire Station #91 7801 Bayview Ave Markham
Markham Fire Station #92 10 Riviera Drive Markham
Markham Fire Station #94 7300 Birchmount Road Markham
Markham Fire Station #96 5567 14th Ave Markham
Markham Fire Station#97 209 Main St. North Markham
Salvation Army Thrift Store 356 Kerr Street Oakville
Lagos Baptist Church 133 Old Kennedy Road Scarborough
Salvation Army, THQ 2 Overlea Blvd. Toronto
Salvation Army Thrift Store 2291 Kipling Ave Toronto
Markham Fire Station #95 316 Main St Unionville


Asides from the Thrift Stores, are there donations bins deployed in Ottawa?


Only 2 of the locations listed are in Toronto.
Do you have any in North York?
I can’t find one and I don’t trust any of those generic ones.


I have a working 32″ Sony TV – Flat screen (Not LCD) to be donated but need to be picked up. Would Salvation Army do that?


My Leadership 10 friends and I want to have a clothing drive at school for the Salvation Army this fall. How would we get the clothes to you after getting them in, and are there any specifications about the donated items?

Some of the income goes directly back to the local community Salvation Army social programs and some of the income goes to the national Salvation Army for special community-related programs and projects.


Hi, also wondering where to dontate in Oakville? The store on Kerr Street? I have some gently used shoes and coats that I would like to donate.

A link has now been added to the above article which will take to you to the Thrift Store site where you’ll find links to different parts of the country.

For food donations, please contact your local Salvation Army Public Relations office, either in your phone book or use the “Locations” link at the top of our main page.


Thanks, looking for someplace to keep fabric(s) no longer good enough to wear; out of landfill. Or sheets that are still good.

Monica Matei

Do you have any program to donate clothes for the Alberta flood victims and where? Thanks.

Spring Cleaning and Preparation

[…] the same time got rid of your extra junk in an eco-friendly way. Kidney Clothes Donation Program , Salvation Army and Canadian Diabetes Association are great organizations who accept unwanted clothing and some even […]


I have 8 bags of used clothing, please arrange a truck to pick it up. My location is at Warden & Finch. Thanks!

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