It's Time to End Poverty

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Who we are

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity.


The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

VISIONOne Army Logo - One Army One Mission One Message

One Army. We see a God-raised, Spirit-filled Army for the 21st century – convinced of our calling, moving forward together.

One Mission into the world of the hurting, broken, lonely, dispossessed and lost, reaching them in love by all means.

One Message with the transforming message of Jesus, bringing freedom, hope and life.


There are three core values of our faith – Salvation, Holiness and Intimacy with God. Rooted in these three values are the seven core operational values which guide all aspects of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.

Compassion: We reach out to others and care for them.
Respect: We promote the dignity of all persons
Excellence: We strive to be the best at what we do and a model for others to emulate.
Integrity: We are honest, trustworthy, and accountable.
Relevance: We are committed to the pursuit of innovation and effectiveness.
Co-operation: We encourage and foster teamwork and partnerships
Celebration: We give thanks by marking milestones and successes.

What we do

Foodo Bank Services
Everyone deserves Dignity

Now at work in 127 countries, The Salvation Army’s operations in Canada began in 1882 and it has grown to become the largest direct provider of social services in the country next to government. In Bermuda, the Army has been at work since 1896.

The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people every day in 400 communities across Canada and Bermuda. Our community and social services include: hunger relief for individuals and families through food banks and feeding programs; shelter for people experiencing homelessness and support for those needing housing; rehabilitation for those struggling with addiction; Christmas assistance such as food hampers and toys; after-school programs, camps, and school nutrition programs for children and youth; and life-skills classes such as budgeting, cooking for a family, and anger management. When you give to the Army, you are investing in the future of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.

With more than 200 thrift stores, The Salvation Army operates one of Canada’s largest national clothing recycling operations. Although donated items are free, there are organizational expenses such as paid staff, rent, utilities, property tax, insurance and trucking expenses. After expenses, the proceeds generated support the Army’s many community and social programs, such as children’s camps and food banks. As well, the Army provides items free of charge to individuals or families who have been referred by our social programs and other agencies.

As a religious denomination, The Salvation Army has over 300 corps or congregations in Canada and Bermuda. These corps not only focus on worship, Christian education and other congregational activities, but are also involved in providing practical assistance to their communities.

The Salvation Army is diligent in its stewardship of donations so that funds solicited in its public appeals are used to fund community and social services programs and activities, rather than corps and congregational ministries unless the donor designates otherwise.

Facts & Figures


Shelter Addictions and Rehabilitation

Addictions, Rehabilitation & Shelter

shelter, addictions, detox and mental health beds provided each night for vulnerable men, women and families.

585 people completed addictions and rehabilitation programs.

3.2 million free meals served at shelters and in feeding programs.

Community and Family Services

Community &
Family Services

persons assisted with food, clothing or practical assistance.

3,850 children went to Salvation Army camps.

14 daycare centres provide a total of 697 available spaces.

Emergency Disaster Services

Emergency Disaster Services

people helped when disaster struck.

Community Churches

Community Churches

Community Churches.

Hospice Health and Long Term Care

Hospice, Health &
Long-Term Care

119 hospital beds provided.

1,040 long-term care and supportive housing beds provided.

40 hospice beds provided.

Work in Developing Countries

Work in Developing Countries

161 projects in 38countries.

3,562 children helped through the Brighter Future Children's Sponsorship Program.

23 Salvation Army officers and lay personnel serving outside Canada.



737 active Salvation Army Officers.

921 retired Salvation Army Officers.

8,011 employees.

1.5 million volunteer hours provided.

Hope Stories


Lisa Finds Strength After Years of Addiction

Lisa Finds Strength After Years of Addiction

From age seven to 14, Lisa was sexually abused by her father. Then, when she developed the courage to tell her mother about the terrifying episodes, she was sent to live with her grandparents.

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Overcoming Obstacles to Immigration

Overcoming Obstacles to Immigration

Claudia met and married her Canadian husband while they both worked in Mexico. Then, when their daughter, Rebecca, turned four, they moved to Canada to give her better educational opportunities. But immigration laws had changed and Claudia was at risk of deportation—which would tear her family apart.

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Seniors Program Boost Mental Physical and Social Wellness

Seniors Program Boosts Mental, Physical and Social Wellness

The Salvation Army Sunshine Club was established in Ottawa in 1971 and accommodates seniors age 55 plus. Every two weeks more than 50 seniors gather together in a safe, healthy and happy environment that promotes socialization, information and spiritual wellness.

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low literacy

Low-Literacy Individuals Learn Skills for a Better Life

In Weetamah, one of Winnipeg’s poorest neighbourhoods, The Salvation Army’s literacy program is helping adults with low literacy reach their full potential as parents, grandparents, community members and employees.

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New Program Helps Secure a Better Future for Vulnerable People

New Program Helps Secure a Better Future for Vulnerable People

Rachael needed to update her job skills to help find full-time employment and cope with life’s challenges. But, as a single parent on a tight budget, she couldn’t afford the cost of the training. She often wondered if life would get better. Then she found The Salvation Army.

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When life hit hard

When Life Hit Hard

Byron was 18 years sober, gainfully employed and in a long-term relationship when a few curveballs sent him on a downward spiral. “My girlfriend and I split up,” says Byron. “Then my mom, who suffered with dementia, didn’t know who I was.” Intense anxiety sent Byron into a tail spin. In 17 days he spent $3,000 on opiates to numb the pain.

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  1. The Salvation Army has a proven track record that goes back 150 years, and over 130 years in Canada. This has made it one of the world’s largest providers of social services, and one of the most trusted.

  2. The Salvation Army ministers to the whole person. It strives to be an agent of beneficial change in people's lives, as well as meet the needs of the moment.

  3. All funds donated to The Salvation Army are used by The Salvation Army, or agencies of which it is a member. The Salvation Army connects your donation directly to the point of most urgent need.

  4. The Salvation Army, in its compassionate concern to exemplify the love of God for a broken world, seeks to reach out to those most in need in our society, and does so without discrimination except on the basis of need.

  5. The Salvation Army acts without fanfare to get the job done. Its pragmatic approach to helping people has made it the agency people turn to in a crisis.

  6. The Salvation Army keeps its administrative costs low, and gives its donors full charitable value for every dollar it receives.

  7. The Salvation Army is a multi-faceted movement, with a broad range of services. This enables donors to target their gift to a specific social benefit within the same organization. All such gifts are delivered in full to the program specified.

  8. We get results! The newsletter our donors receive offers stories of success in overcoming life's obstacles among those we have helped.

  9. The Salvation Army works through a large quasi-military organizational model, that includes volunteers, committed members of The Salvation Army, its officers, employees and lay leaders. There is no organization that can more readily mobilize itself where and when the need is greatest, and deliver the personal care and attention that we believe everyone deserves.