Hope Stories

Resource Centre Supports New ParentsResource Centre Supports New Parents
When Pei Pei’s boyfriend discovered she was pregnant he walked away acting like she didn’t exist. With help from The Salvation Army, Pei Pei gained knowledge and comfort that was powerful and life-changing. Read more


Free Dental Care Aids Women Experiencing HomelessnessFree Dental Care Aids Women Experiencing Homelessness
Transportation, affordability and mobility issues make it difficult for women experiencing homelessness to access dental care. Now, through an innovative solution, they are getting the services they need. Read more


Helping Individuals with Developmental DisabilitiesHelping Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
For most of his life, Guy couldn’t look into people’s eyes, was socially withdrawn and resisted being held, hugged or touched. Today, he is employed, shakes hands with coworkers and can hold a conversation. Read more


Summer Camps Change Lives Summer Camps Change Lives 
The idea of a summer vacation can be a distant fantasy for families in need. Find out how The Salvation Army is giving moms the break they so desperately need. Read more


Community Garden Provides More Than FoodCommunity Garden Provides More Than Food
The benefits of community gardens are invaluable. Find out how The Salvation Army is empowering families and neighbourhoods across Canada. Read more



People Battling Mental-Health Issues Learn New SkillsPeople Battling Mental-Health Issues Learn New Skills
For 10 years, Bonnie’s mental-health challenges left her afraid to use kitchen utensils and her own stove. Through The Salvation Army she found a new way to manage her worries. Read more


Retail-Skills Program Helps People with Barriers Find EmploymentRetail-Skills Program Helps People with Barriers Find Employment
Finding employment can be challenging for anyone. But for people with barriers, taking that positive action is even more difficult. Then, The Salvation Army gives them the tools they need to succeed. Read more


Newcomers Overcome ObstaclesNewcomers Overcome Obstacles
Find out how a Salvation Army cooking class is helping vulnerable people such as new immigrants and single moms overcome obstacles. Read more