Annual Review 2011-2012

Hope Stories

Last year, The Salvation Army helped 1.8 million people in Canada. Here are a few examples of how The Salvation Army has provided hope and dignity.

With a sudden loss of employment, Patricia was forced to choose between paying the rent and buying food. When she could no longer pull together a complete meal she refused to accept defeat and contacted her local Salvation Army to help her provide balanced, nutritious meals to her family. Read more

One day pressures at school lead to Paul’s impulsive decision to kick back with his first bottle of beer. For 20 years it would be him and a bottle. Then Paul reached out to The Salvation Army to help him beat his addiction to alcohol and give him the skills to function in society. Read more

Something wasn’t right with Susan’s newborn son, and his diagnoses left her stunned and overwhelmed. Caring for Stuart was consuming every waking hour of her life. Then when she hit an all-time low, Susan called The Salvation Army for assistance. Read more

Allen battles with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. The Salvation Army’s Adult Day Service not only allows his wife a predictable time-out to handle personal business, but engages Allen in recreational and restorative activities that support his continued dignity and honour. Read more

For as far back as he can remember, Keith was told he was worthless and stupid. And the physical abuse he endured pierced even deeper. He turned to drugs to numb the pain. Then after a terrifying incident Keith took his first step to getting clean. Read more

Richard has great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. A victim of Autism, he is now doing things he’s never done before. With help from The Salvation Army his dignity has been restored and he is one step closer to an independent future. Read more

For 11 years Dan and Carolyn provided primary care for their son Devon, who has a rare and devastating epilepsy syndrome. When Dan took sick Carolyn was left to care for Devon alone. It was The Salvation Army who gave her the break that she needed most. Read more

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