Summer Camp Forges Bonds For Counsellors Too

by Alberta

When we write about The Salvation Army’s Pine Lake Camp, we usually talk about the campers. They are the kids who come from all over the Division to experience nature, outdoor activities, and God in a new way and whose lives are often impacted in immeasurable ways through the adventure. This year is no different, as there are certainly plenty of camper stories that we could share. But there is another story that happens at camp that we often overlook. It’s the story of the young adults who choose to work at our camp to care for, love, and journey with each and every child who comes to camp and in the process forge deep bonds and meaningful friendships with one another.

“You get to meet a lot of awesome people when you work here!” says Jayden, a staff member and former camper who has been coming to Pine Lake Camp for 13 years. “There are so many people that have worked here that I still keep in touch with and are great friends and the connection that I have with the team this year is like I’ve known them all my life.”

“I’ve formed such good friendships here,” adds Alison, a Cabin Leader from London, ON. “I’m always going to have friends here and I’m definitely going to stay friends with the people that I have met here this summer.”

“We have amazing staff from across Alberta, Canada, and the world,” concludes Captain Ruth Gillingham, Divisional Youth Secretary. “We did a staff camping trip to Banff National Park at the start of the season and that was really the beginning of building deep and meaningful relationships amongst us all. Our staff go through a lot together, they work really long days and they deal with some challenging kids. It’s great to see how they have supported one another and grown in their relationships with God and each other.”

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