Oshawa Temple Band Visits Alberta

The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple Band
by Alberta

Celebrating their 130th anniversary this year, The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple Band made a visit to Alberta where they performed five concerts in just three days!

The tour began with a stop at Banff’s Central Park surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Locals and tourists alike popped by and threw down blankets on the grass to take in the performance.

The next stop was Calgary’s Heritage Park where the band performed as part of The Salvation Army’s annual Donut Day festivities. The sun was shining down and the air was filled with melodic sounds of brass music and the happy cheers of children enjoying their free donuts.

The final day of the tour was jam packed with three performances. Oshawa Temple Band began the day by entertaining the crowd at the Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre Stampede Breakfast. After refueling band members with a serving of pancakes, it was off to bustling Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary for a street performance. Sally Ann was on hand to dance and the sound of the music bouncing off the office towers attracted quite a crowd. Finally, the day capped off with an evening concert at Glenmore Temple where the Oshawa Temple and Glenmore Temple Bands collaborated in a wonderful display of musicianship for members of the congregational and the community.

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