Alberta Flood Relief Effort Updates

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As of June 26, 2013:

Medicine Hat – We have been providing assistance to evacuees such as clothing, accommodations and emotional & spiritual care. We have been able to move our residents back into our shelter. We are awaiting confirmation on providing food, hydration and emotional & spiritual care at a number of additional sites as well.

Drumheller – We continue to provide hydration to evacuees and responders.

Calgary – The Centre of Hope sustained considerable water damage to the parking garage, basement food preparation area, maintenance and storage areas. As well four of our program vehicles were in the garage at the time of the flood. The refrigeration units which were in the basement will have to be replaced along with all the food.

We would anticipate that we will not be able to open the Centre of Hope for at least another week. We have presently set up a temporary shelter for over 60 of residence at another Salvation Army facility. As the evacuation centres close in Calgary we may need to provide shelter for a further 200 of our residents.

The Agape Hospice has been reopened and residents are moving back.

We have three Community Response Units (CRUs) and teams in various evacuee centres to provide feeding, hydration and emotional & spiritual care.

Canmore – As of June 26th we have deployed a Community Response Unit and team to provide feeding, hydration and emotional & spiritual care.

High River – We continue to provide food, hydration and emotional & spiritual care at the Blackie evacuation centre, and to the responders who are diligently working to restore the town so that residents can return as soon as possible. We have not been able to access our own properties (corps, thrift store, community & family services), which were damaged in the flood.

The Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations only at this time, which can be made at or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY.