National Advisory Board

Dear friends:

While the Canadian economy appears to be stable, and many of us agree that Canada is a wonderful place to live, poverty continues to remain a significant challenge for many people in this country.

And poverty hurts. Approximately three million Canadians live in poverty, including more than 600,000 children. Last year 900,000 people relied on food banks. And an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 people are homeless in Canada.

For more than 130 years, The Salvation Army in Canada has provided hope and dignity to vulnerable and marginalized people. Today, as society’s problems are more complex than ever, the demand for Salvation Army services continues to increase.

Last year, more than 1.8 million people received help from the Army. From shelter beds to practical assistance to addictions rehabilitation the Army recognized needs, provided care and engaged in people’s lives to help them find solutions.

As Chair of The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board, a group of 20 members who support the Army with strategic guidance on its national operations and services, I ask you to join me and others in investing your time and resources with The Salvation Army. Your contribution will change the future of thousands of people.

Those in poverty may be our brothers and sisters, our neighbours, and friends. They deserve our personal attention!


Andrew B. Lennox
Senior Vice President

The Salvation Army National Advisory Board

Susan McMillan

Territorial Commander
The Salvation Army

Andrew B. Lennox

Senior Vice President
Scotia Bank
Advisory Board Chair

Colonel Mark Tillsley

Chief Secretary
The Salvation Army

Janice M.Barton

Radical Simplicity Inc.

Daniel Burns

Deputy Minister (retired)Government of Ontario

Calvin H. Buss

Managing Director
Global Audit Quality and Transformation

Lt-Colonel Jim Champ

Secretary for Communications
The Salvation Army

Gail Cook-Bennett

Retired Chair
Manulife Financial

Susan Doniz

Global Chief
Information Officer

Lt-Colonel Lee Graves

Secretary for Business Administration
The Salvation Army

Andrew Grenville

Chief Research Officer
Vision Critical

Junior Hynes

Secretary for Program
The Salvation Army

Captain Tiffany Marshall

National Advisory Board
Liaison Officer
The Salvation Army

Robert McFarlane

Retired EVP & CFO
TELUS Corporation

Sandra Rice

Secretary for Personnel
The Salvation Army

Sylvie Rodrigue

Torys LLP

Ron Sapsford

Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Medical Association

Pina Sciarra

Sciarra & Associates Consulting

Marnie A. Spears

President & Chief Executive Officer
Ketchum Canada Inc.

Major Brian Venables

Divisional Commander
Quebec Division

The Salvation Army