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A Father Overcomes Challenges and Celebrates Success

There's no better time than Father's Day to honour dads who always look out for their children.

Noe’s warehouse job had been reduced to a part-time, on-call position, when his wife, ZoZo, prematurely gave birth to triplets. The babies had complications, and it was uncertain whether one would survive.   

Overwhelmed by fear and anxious about meeting the families’ needs, Noe was under a lot of stress.  Then he met The Salvation Army.

No money—no diapers

“It was a very difficult time with the […]

Free Furniture Helps People Who Were Homeless Turn Housing into Homes

For people experiencing homelessness, moving into a place with four walls and a roof over their heads is life-changing. But shelter alone doesn’t make a home, and The Salvation Army in Lethbridge, Alta., is providing them with furniture and all the essentials needed for setting up a new place of residence.

In partnership with the City of Lethbridge’s Housing First Initiative, The Salvation Army’s “Just Like Home” program started in 2013. Since then, furniture and other items have been distributed to […]

Alberta Floods: One Year Later

June 20, 2014, marks one year since Canadians watched helplessly as powerful, high flood waters unleashed destruction on Calgary and much of southern Alberta, leaving more than a dozen towns declaring a state of emergency.

Today, residents are still picking up the pieces of their lives and are, understandably, on edge when a lot of rain is forecasted and the snow pack in the mountains is deep.

“I’m anxious every time it rains,” says Kathleen, a resident of High River who was […]

Salvation Army Philippines Assists Relief Efforts:Updates

Update November 15: With the mass transport of relief supplies to the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban still proving very difficult, The Salvation Army in The Philippines is working on alternative methods to get help to the thousands of people who are in desperate need.

Teams of Salvation Army volunteers are providing life-saving items such as bottled water, biscuits, bananas and bread for people who have been evacuated to Cebu and Manila from Tacloban. The initial outlay will provide food and water […]

Needs are Great as Thanksgiving Food Drive Kicks Off

The Ottawa Sun sat down with Michael Maidment days into his new role heading the Ottawa Food Bank.

Q. What has surprised you in your first week?

A. Going into the warehouse and seeing 21,000 square feet of food and starting to appreciate and understand, looking at those boxes, what that really means to nearly 50,000 families who receive help from the Ottawa Food Bank every month. It was an aha moment.

Q. We reported in June that food bank use is […]

Canadian Emergency Disaster Team Assists in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

November 20 – A team of 12 Canadians, consisting of trained officers/pastors, employees and volunteers from across Canada, are providing relief to the American Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Teams, who have worked tirelessly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, so they can celebrate the American Thanksgiving.

“It’s clear that Hurricane Sandy was, and continues to be, a major storm impacting millions of people,” said Major George Hood, National Community Relations Secretary for The Salvation Army in the United States. “Residents […]

BioPed Partners with The Salvation Army and Local Shelters

Oakville, ON. People’s lives change when they’re treated with dignity.

On Wednesday, October 17, 2012, BioPed clinicians and staff across Canada will open their hearts and their hands to children and adults in need of footwear and socks. Through the company’s goodytwoshoes foundation, more than 100 professionals donate their time and expertise to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate.

Says Robin Schleien, President and CEO of BioPed Franchising Inc., “Our partnership with The Salvation Army and independent […]

Salvation Army Responds as Tornadoes Bring Destruction Across the United States

The Salvation Army is providing aid to people affected by tornadoes in the U.S. At least 39 people have been killed and many hundreds were forced from their homes. The tornado season has started unusually early this year, with more tornadoes reported on 29 February and 1 March than are normally seen in the whole of March. Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) teams are on standby to respond to severe weather and tornado watches and warnings that are […]

Space Will Soon Fill with Hope

Collingwood – It’s dusty and cold right now, but in a couple of weeks, it will be a storehouse of Christmas dreams — and hope.

Last week, local developer Larry Dunn handed over the keys for 10,000 square feet of warehouse space to Capt. Mark Crabb of The Salvation Army.

The space will be used to store donations for the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas Hamper program — and it’s a far cry from the 1,100 square foot community room at the Salvation […]