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Christmas Comes Early to Salvation Army

Nanaimo – Christmas is coming early to the Salvation Army thanks to the efforts of the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio.

During the months leading up to, and through December, donations for organizations helping the hungry are needed and it is usually the time when people give the most.

But come July and its warm weather, people tend to forget that local food banks and charities are still in need of donations.

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High Demand Eats into Emergency Food Reserves

Times are getting tougher on the street, as measured by the church-based social agency that has been addressing hunger and social issues in Nanaimo since 1888.

The Salvation Army has launched a public appeal for help to support those finding it particularly difficult to stretch limited incomes from one paycheque to another this winter.

Demand is up 18% this winter compared to the same time in 2011, and that’s put pressure on stores kept in the Army’s food room at its Nicol […]