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Election Issue No. 3 – The Environment

With Canada plunged into its fourth election campaign in seven years, the environment is one issue Canadians want to hear about.

As it relates to the environment, The Salvation Army believes that humans are called to careful stewardship of the earth and its resources.

Among other environmental initiatives, the Army makes environmental concerns an integral part of planning and decision making in all facility designs and ongoing maintenance projects.

The Army takes advantage of power smart technologies and […]

Election issue No. 2 – Poverty

All political parties recently signed onto a House of Commons report laying out recommendations for reducing poverty in Canada—but all disagree about how.

It’s reassuring that Canadians believe poverty is an important issue facing the country today. However, in a recent study conducted by The Salvation Army many still don’t understand the issue.

For example about a quarter of Canadians feel that people are poor because they are lazy and have lower moral values than average; and nearly […]

Election issue No. 1 – Law and Order

It’s official. Canadians will head to the polls May 2 for the fourth federal election in seven years.

Several issues are expected to dominate the campaign. One being Law and Order. Topics for debate include added new criminal offences, expanded prisons, and changed sentencing laws.

As it relates to justice, The Salvation Army takes an alternative approach to crime. They focus on rehabilitation and restoration rather than retribution. The Salvation Army practices Restorative Justice formally in some of its […]

Community Kitchen Offers More Than Fruit and Vegetables

Every Monday at The Salvation Army’s Community Kitchen in Parry Sound, Ont., individuals, families and youth with low income, are building confidence and skills that enable them to stretch their tight budgets, avoid hunger and make healthy choices.

“I love this group,” says class attendee, Kelly. “It’s lots of fun.”

"I don't have access to a computer or recipes," says Teresa, another participant. "The class helps me eat healhty on my tight budget."

The Community Kitchen is a collaborative between The Salvation Army […]

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Trapped in Addiction
Keith thought […]

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General Appoints New Chief of the Staff

General André Cox writes:

You will understand that within a very short time of accepting my election to the office of General, I began to give serious thought to whom I might ask to work alongside me as the Chief of the Staff.

After several days of prayer, reflection and wide consultation with a number of senior leaders, I have decided to appoint Commissioner William Roberts as Chief of the Staff, effective October 1, 2013. Commissioner Nancy Roberts is appointed as World […]

Commissioner André Cox Elected 20th General of The Salvation Army

Commissioner André Cox, a Swiss-British Salvation Army officer, has been elected as the 20th General of the Christian church and charity. The election took place at the High Council, which saw 117 of The Salvation Army’s senior leaders from around the world gather just outside London for the sacred task of choosing the next international leader.

The General accepted his new responsibility in a spirit of humility, saying that, irrespective of the rank he held, he had not moved away from […]

Salvation Army Leaders Gather at High Council to Elect New General

Senior Salvation Army leaders from around the world are currently in London, England, to elect a new General, who will serve as The Salvation Army’s new international leader. The 2013 High Council consists of 118 members (62 women and 56 men) made up of the Chief of Staff, all the active commissioners and territorial leaders (some territories are led by colonels),

The basics of the High Council are embedded in law but each gathering has a large degree of procedural freedom. […]

Retirement of General Linda Bond

Following a period of personal reflection and prayer, General Linda Bond, international leader of The Salvation Army, has decided to relinquish the Office of the General with effect from 13 June 2013. The General’s decision to step down comes after 44 years of ministry.

Pending the election of a new General, the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner André Cox, will perform the functions of the General. The Chief of the Staff will shortly be calling a High Council to elect the […]

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy


This policy provides guidance for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by officers and employees of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda in the performance of their responsibilities. 


2.1     The Salvation Army will reimburse expenses that are legitimate, reasonable, and appropriate for the activity undertaken through TEM its electronic Travel and Expenses Management system. Officers and employees incurring business-related expenses on behalf of The Salvation Army should bear in mind the following principles:

  • Stewardship – The […]

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