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Second Flight of Evacuees and Children for Adoption Arrives in Canada

OTTAWA, Jan. 27 /CNW/ – Salvation Army Emergency and Disaster Services staff were on hand for the second time this week to welcome Haitian evacuees and children bound for adoption by Canadian families upon their arrival at Ottawa International Airport. The flight touched down in Ottawa just before 2:00 p.m. carrying approximately 52 orphans and 71 evacuees.

Salvation Army staff and volunteers provided winter coats, snowsuits, scarves, winter boots, hats and mittens to evacuees, many of whom were wearing summer […]

Haiti’s Orphans – Should Adoption Processes Be Bypassed?

For newly orphaned children wandering the streets of Haiti’s capital begging for food, new life sounds like a dream come true. But agencies trying to evacuate children whose parents died in last week’s earthquake have been criticised for bypassing proper adoption processes to rush them to families abroad.

Children’s advocacy groups warn against new procedures in the face of an emergency. They say disasters create a free-for-all in which thousands of children are airlifted to nations without their family background […]

Siemens Canada and Employees Contribute More Than $70,000 in Donations to Salvation Army

Siemens Canada and its employees recently joined efforts in support of families in need as part of their annual Hope for Holidays campaign. Employees collected funds and items for local charities and donations were matched by the company, resulting in an outstanding $35,000 donation to The Salvation Army.

Employees from more than 20 Siemens offices from coast-to-coast showed their spirit of giving by getting involved in various initiatives including toy and food drives, office fundraisers and “Adopt a Family” programs in […]

Siemens’ Employees Join Forces for Families in Need

Burlington – Siemens Canada employees were proud to help those in need by participating in the 2011 Hope for Holidays program, including various charity events across Canada. As a result, the company has recently made a donation of $25,261 to the local chapters of the Salvation Army. The donation is a result of Siemens matching all employee contributions raised during the 2011 campaign.

The holiday spirit thrived at Siemens’ offices across Canada in late December. Employees from more than […]

Community Garden Slashes Food Bills and More

At The Salvation Army’s community garden in Swift Current, Sask., planting seeds and investing a little bit of time is improving the quality of life for low-income families and individuals.

“There are many benefits to the community garden,” says Sandra Brong, The Salvation Army’s community and family services coordinator. “Participants eat healthier, save money on their grocery bills, make new friends and increase their self-sufficiency.”

In cooperation with the Southwest Food Security Committee, the community garden―10 garden boxes constructed by the Lions […]


The Fight against Poverty Deserves Your Personal Attention

Today, approximately three million Canadians, or one in 10 people, live in poverty.
– Poverty is a life circumstance whereby a person lacks the resources, means, choices and power needed to survive and participate in society.
– The effects of poverty are quite serious:
-It requires people to make painful choices between necessities, such as paying the rent or feeding the kids, going to the dentist or buying a monthly bus pass.
– It often leads to […]

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Salvation Army Aims to Improve Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital to human life, but some people are unable to meet this need because of financial obstacles—even in developed nations like Canada.

According to the 2013 Food Banks Canada HungerCount report, 43 percent of single-person households, 25 percent of single-parent family households, and 22 percent of two-parent family households rely on food banks as their source of nutrition.

The Salvation Army in Canada recognizes this issue, and has established programs other than food banks to help community […]

An Inspiring Role Model

One of the best ways for Canadians to understand and appreciate the complex world of First Nations peoples is to hear from those who have lived it and achieved milestones

Shari Russell was just under two when she was plucked from her home with no warning—no knowledge or consent from her family or band. In an instant, she lost her loved ones, culture, history and identity.

A Saulteaux from the YellowQuill First Nation in Saskatchewan, Shari was part of the “Sixties Scoop”, […]

Siemens Canada Supports Canadians in Need

Siemens Canada and its employees joined forces in late 2013 to support Canadians in need as part of their annual Hope for Holidays campaign, a fundraising effort that has generated more than $107,000 over the past four years.

Employees collected funds and items for local charities and all donations were matched by the company as a cash donation to The Salvation Army.

Fundraising activities were held at offices from coast-to-coast, including toy drives, food drives, Adopt-a-Family programs, 50/50 raffles and […]

People Helping People

When 28-year-old Bri-Jon volunteered with The Salvation Army he thought he’d be sorting clothes at a thrift store. Instead, he found himself on the front lines helping complete strangers—an experience that not only made a difference in the lives of others, but his own as well.

“In 2008 the United Kingdom economy was in a serious recession,” says Bri-Jon. “Banks were going bankrupt and many people lost all their money. Unemployment soared. The government was finding more and more ways to […]