carpentry students stand in front of hand-made shed

Wiarton Trades Program Empowers At-Risk Youth


They are youth at risk―struggling, frustrated and uncertain about the future. But The Salvation Army’s Trades Start Program in Wiarton, Ont., is changing that.

“Trades Start, a 20-week course that teaches both hospitality and carpentry skills, serves youth who have fallen through the cracks,” says Scott Concordia, Program Coordinator. “Participants are often from unstable home situations, are high school drop outs and/or are unemployed. We help them get moving in the right direction.”

From Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., […]

Salvation Army responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Salvation Army Responds to 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Ecuador


The Salvation Army in Ecuador continues to respond to the April 16 earthquake that is now known to have killed at least 570 people. Salvation Army emergency response teams are at work across the affected region, around Ecuador's north-west coast, providing food, water and other essentials to people who have been forced from their homes.

'When we arrived we saw the devastation caused by the earthquake―buildings in rubble, people lining up to buy a little bit of water, commercial premises closed,” […]

Beneficiary of Salvation Army transitional housing

From Hopelessness to Helping Others


One day, Judy was a successful accountant. The next day, she was in a coma.

“I was volunteering when I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm,” says Judy. “I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to reduce bleeding and pressure. My family was called in to say goodbye.”

Three weeks later, Judy woke up. She couldn’t see due to eye damage, was strapped in a chair so she wouldn’t fall out and was unable to remember the nurses’ names. Life would […]

Volunteer with Salvation Army hat and winter coat

The Value of Volunteers


What would our communities look like without volunteers? Needs might go unmet. Programs might not thrive. Services wouldn’t expand.

Every day, five days a week, Terry drives people to and from medical appointments such as dialysis treatments, blood labs, cancer clinics and mental health support. He says volunteering makes him feel productive and he’s made lots of new friends.

“I lost my job when the company I worked for was bought out,” says Terry. “It’s pretty hard for a 58-year-old to find […]