Child Poverty Rates Remain High

Child Poverty Rates in Canada Remain High


One in seven Canadian children lives in a low-income household. Children are often the innocent victims of poverty. When Tanya’s marriage broke down, she was left with responsibilities she now had to bear on her own. “As a single parent, I was pulled in every direction,” says Tanya. “I never seemed to have enough time, energy, patience or money. I often felt things were spinning out of control. Then I met The Salvation Army whose help with food, pull-ups and school snacks eased my financial pressures.” A 2012 Report Card

Salvation Army helps vulnerable in hot weather

Heat—The Most Harmful Weather for the Vulnerable


Heat is the number one weather-related killer in North America. In Toronto, it is estimated that 120 people die from the heat each year, compared to 105 from the cold. Ratios are similar in other cities. In sweltering temperatures it is critical that resources are available for vulnerable people such as those experiencing homelessness, the elderly and children. They are particularly at risk for heat-related illness. “Across Canada, warning systems and extreme weather response plans have been known to save lives,” says Major Rick Shirran, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services