Why Volunteer at Christmas?


Volunteering is a great way to generate the spirit of Christmas. And volunteering is an effective way to help those in need.

As The Salvation Army embarks on its Christmas campaign, it counts on the hands and arms of volunteers to make Christmas memorable for people who need care.

From the Army’s iconic red kettle, to Christmas hampers, to feeding the hungry, people from all walks of life are making a difference in the lives of those who need help in some of the darkest days of their lives.

When Diane’s husband had just asked for a divorce, it was a Salvation Army bell-ringer who encouraged her with kind words. And when Julia, a volunteer at a Salvation Army toy distribution centre, handed a pair of little red gloves to a child, the girl cried because she was so happy.

Volunteering doesn’t take a lot of time or special skills, just a willing heart.

Will you be volunteering this Christmas season?

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Shelley Monaco

Good Morning
My daughter is a gr 9 student at Corpus Christi High School in Burlington, She and her friends are looking to do some volunteer hours and I wondered if they could pack food boxes or something else to help out,
Please let me know if there is something they could help with
Shelley Monaco

Patsy Duggan

Do you need any volunteers for Christmas serving meals etc. or on Christmas Day.

Patsy Duggan
Vancouver, BC


My family and me would like to help during the christmas holidays. Can you let us know where we could help?

Helen Hayward

My friend and I would like to volunteer in the Christmas kettle campaign – perhaps for a day or so.
Would that be possible? Neither of us has ever done this before.

Helen Hayward
Ottawa Ont.

Karen Clifford

Good morning. I am trying to find information on how my family and I can volunteer over Christmas…perhaps serving dinner on Christmas Day. Can you please send me information on how we can learn more about this to make a decision? Thank you!

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